Catch the shift!

by Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP During one of our online trainings last year with faculty from City Year in Chicago and Philadelphia, we taught a yoga-off-the-mat tool we call “Hand Hat.” Here youth breathe in reaching arms up, and breathe out as they clasp hands together resting hands on top of their head. … Read more

3 Breathing Tools for Pre-Schools and Beyond!

by Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP Earlier this week I had the honor of leading a MOSST (Mindful and OHMazing® Strategies for Students and Teachers) training at Goldberg Montessori School in Houston. Similar to many schools and faculties I work with, a few teachers at Goldberg were already using some yoga poses and breathing … Read more

Mindfulness with Test-Taking: Five Tried and True Tips

by Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP A few years ago I taught yoga and mindfulness at an urban Houston elementary school. The school was considered low-socioeconomic with a majority of English Language Learners. Additionally, It was a highly international and transient community. Growing up is already stressful enough without so many external factors.  During … Read more

OHMusings: Self-care as Self-less Love

While giving love, cards and gifts, let’s consider including ourselves in the celebration—and not just for Valentine’s Day, but everyday. by Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.” – … Read more