“Too many children spend their days motionless, transfixed by glowing screens. Beth Reese’s instructional yoga DVDs provide a safe, fun way for kids to get off the couch and engage in gentle exercise, develop physical confidence, and learn about other cultures – highly recommended!” 

~ Andrew Weil, M.D.

“Fantastic program for anyone interested in bringing yoga, mindfulness, kindness and fun to children of all ages! It’s been about 8 years since I attended my first YYY training and I’m still using the tips and tools I learned. I use Flower Power breath pretty much every single day. Now my staff are using too, and that is for themselves as well as the children! Just yesterday I was experiencing some stress and when one of my faculty noticed she said, smell your flowers Ms. Rebecca it’s going to be ok! I’m so grateful that I invested in myself by taking 5 modules for teaching kids yoga! Namaste!”

~ Rebecca Connors, Head of School, Sugar Creek Montessori

“Yogiños founder, Beth Reese does a fabulous job of intertwining yoga poses with the stories and includes clear alignment cues such as root to rise, hug the mid-line and shoulder blades on your back, thereby teaching body awareness and mindful practice of the poses.”

~ Donna Wolf Freeman

“Yoginos yoga for youth is an incredible program for kids and adults. The trainings create a sense of peace and knowledge that you can bring anywhere. Beth is a wealth of knowledge and she surrounds herself with a team of creative people. Thank you for all you do..”

~ Eve Margol, MA, Founder, LinkEducation Resources

“As a Mythologist and certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, I am excited about Yoginos: Yoga for Youth. Beth’s creative weaving together of myth, music, art, and yoga allows for a multi-dimensional learning experience. I was so drawn in to the beautiful images, story, and grace and ease of the children that I found myself joining in! I heartfully recommend Yoginos Yoga for Youth to parents and educators everywhere.”

~ Dr. Anne Elizabeth Taylor

I am so grateful for Yoginos: Yoga for Youth (YYY). When I began my career as a children’s yoga teacher, I came to Yoginos for a foundation knowledge and over the year, I received so much more. Every workshop and training such as the yoga for youth with special needs training provided me a deeper knowledge of how to connect with and teach my students. The group of other YYY teachers has given me a network of like-minded individuals. Finally, the support and encouragement from Beth is amazing. The kindness from Beth has given me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Yoginos: Yoga for Youth has been one of the best investments i could have made!

~ Jodi Smith, Yoga Instructor, KIPP Schools, Founder, Mosaic Kids Yoga

Me Gusta Yogiños! I like Yogiños!

~ prAna, prAna blog

“Yogiños: Yoga for Youth™ invites viewers into a world of imagery and magic inspired by nature, mythology and one’s own inner beauty. Children of all ages will benefit from Beth Reese’s compassionate and authentic teachings about what it means to be OHMazing®!”

~ Christina Sell, Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor and author of Yoga From the Inside Out: Making Peace with your Body through Yoga. read more at www.christinasellyoga.com

“Beth’s system really plants positive words and thoughts in children without denying real life while they do yoga. They begin to see their bodies as a positive instrument of health and their actions as a means of cooperation rather than competition. The children participate and communicate together with kind words to facilitate the healthy growth of one another. And they’re learning a couple of languages while they exercise!”

~ Jeremiah Wallace is an Aunsara Inspired Yoga Teacher ::www.jeremiahwallace.com

“Elizabeth has created a groundbreaking Yoga DVD for children. Its innovative in its approach by playfully infusing the ancient practice of yoga, multiple languages, and body awareness that encourages children’s natural sense of adventure. She will undoubtedly alter the hearts and minds of a new generation.”

~ Giselle Mari, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher :: www.funkyjiva.com

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