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NEW! The Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® bilingual OHMazing® A-Z Kids’ Yoga Coloring Book with fun activities is NOW AVAILABLE for $4.99

This beautifully yet playfully designed book features our beloved logo, Shanti, in poses representing the Spanish alphabet, including “ch” and “ñ”.
In support of reading readiness, with the OHMazing® A-Z Kids’ Yoga Coloring Book learners can strive to:

  • “read” drawing of Shanti in a pose toward re-creating with your own body, heart and mind;
  • read pose names in Spanish, English and Sanskrit
  • creatively color Shanti in various poses or asanas, alonhg with other mindful activities
  • read the instructions for each pose or activity in English and Spanish
  • learn a benefit of each pose or activity!

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