Mindful Movement Across the USA

Mindful Movement Across the USA:
Weaving Body, Mind and Heart through Interdisciplinary Adventures

50 Lesson plans! One for each state!

This is a downloadable, PDF document.


Integrate movement with academic content about the OHMazing USA to layer learning opportunities for your students whether their strengths are verbal, intrapersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, or music! Each of the 50 states has a lesson plan with images and offers centering, cardio movement, along with poses connected to facts information about each state!


Using this Resource
There are an unlimited ways to use this resource, here are a few suggestions:

A State A Day:
Start each day off with a yoga class teaching about a state. Consider tying in other content areas with which you and your students are studying.

Pause to Pose:
Pause throughout each day for mindful movement: Pick a fact and a pose and lead this 2-5 times a day.

Transition Treat:
When it’s time to transition from one classroom or subject matter to another, use one of the activities—such as from centering—or a pose to help students switch gears calmly.

A to Z Poses: 
Use the A to Z reference to create and teach most of the poses listed in this guide. If you are unfamiliar with a pose and it is not in the reference, feel free to search online! It’s also fun to assign poses based on first letter of name and letter, ie, Beth Barco, Emily Estrella, Mike Montaña!


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