Jayme Vetz

I am a mother of two kids and currently reside in Utah. I am a certified elementary and secondary health teacher and have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Literacy Education. My love of educating children led me to teaching kindergarten in the wild west of Idaho and Nevada for seven years. During this time, I incorporated breathing and yoga practices in a variety of environments including the classroom, a recreation center, yoga studio, and a before school program. Some of these practices involved physical and mental techniques to build confidence, improve concentration, and spark creativity to students. Yoga has been a part of my life for about twenty years; however, it wasn’t until the last four years that it came knocking at my door and I decided to take a more active role. After having my oldest daughter, I encountered anxiety and insomnia and I knew that I needed to incorporate daily mindfulness and yoga techniques into my life in order to create a healthy, quality lifestyle for myself and children. This led me to becoming a Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® Instructor, and completing many training sessions through Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®, some of which include, yoga for youth with differing abilities and unexpected life changes, and mindfulness and meditation for youth and families. I currently teach kids yoga classes at Mountain Yoga Sandy. I am extremely passionate about teaching children mindfulness tools on and off the yoga mat, so they can incorporate them in their everyday lives. I believe these tools will help children make healthier choices for their mind, body, and heart in all situations.