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Just keep sharing, just keep sharing!!!

by Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP

In the 2003 digital pic, Finding Nemo, Dory coaches Nemo to “just keep swimming“. Nemo, lost and in search of returning to family, hesitates and then eventually gets the importance of moving forward.

You and I, me and you: let’s move forward in 2019 and create ripple effects about the importance of mindfulness and yoga on and off the mat in homes, schools, museums, and beyond. In my own original research we discovered that 94% of preschool aged children think yoga is fun; consider what else they think is “fun” and unpack the significance of what it could mean when all youth have tools to feel aware, in control, connected to self and others, whole and complete.

Just keep sharing, just keep sharing…..

When I think about yoga, mindfulness, youth, teachers, parents, communities, I see and even feel in my own body, mind and gut the need for us to work together to create and share information—and especially research— about the benefits of learning and practicing awareness and self-regulation strategies.

Conscious intuitive astrologer Molly McCord recently shared that now (yes, like right now!) is the time to create Soul Contracts. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life, asks poet Mary Oliver and I am, too! This new year brings a series of events (stay tuned to hear more!) that have me writing a Soul Contract to be a stand for supporting teachers and parents with integrating simple yet powerful intentional tools into lives of people of all ages so that we can be and know ourselves as empowered, extraordinary, peaceful, aware, insightful human-kinds.

How do we spread the word about what so many of us know intuitively about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness? Just keep sharing, just keep sharing…..

Check out the Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® Facebook page and share what you like, ask questions, be curious. Also, as you create and publish, and see information I can share with my 10k+ friends, please tag me either on the YYY page or my personal one, Beth Reese

I’m bbbaaaaacccckkkkkkkkkk! And look forward to what we can create and share…. together.

<3 <3 <3


Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT
Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®, Founder & Executive Director
yoginos.com :: elizabeth@yoginos.com 


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