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Family Time Friday: Back-to-School Bliss, Part I

As we prepare to kick off a new, OHMazing® school year, many of us—including parents and our kids!—may be feeling mixed emotions. Some of us may be feeling nervous, anxious, excited, ready, not ready, some or all of the above! Emotions are not good or bad: they just are! And when we do not feel “our best,” there are tools and techniques all of us can integrate into our daily lives to help feel more grounded, focused, and peaceful.

Jordan and me (August, 2015)

One of my favorite activities for use on and off the mat that helps me balance whatever I am feeling is from our Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® curricula, Flor Fuerte/Flower Power Breath/Pranayama. This ool is perfect for ages 6 months+. This is balancing because when we breathe in deeply we gain energy, and when we breathe out slowly we cultivate calmness.

The universe gave me this activity when my oldest daughter, Jordan, now 15, was about 7 years old. Jordan struggled with her sensory processing and when she started keeping this “in her pocket” for use anywhere and anytime, she immediately noticed and shared a difference in how she felt. In fact, she began to “pay it forward” and taught many of her friends the gift of flower power breath. As Jordan has transitioned into a tween and now full-on teen, she shared that she used this tool during her high school interview. I also can hear her practice this breathing while learning to drive; I’m pretty sure I am exhaling slowly, too!

Flor Fuerte/Flower Power Breath/Pranayama
Breathe in deeply and pretend to smell a flower. Deep breathing calms your whole body down. Before you open up a new book to  read or before you try something new, take five Flower Power breaths. When your body
is calm, your focus and memory will be strong.
Pose Instructions:
• Sit with your legs crossed.
• Reach out in front of you and pretend to pick a flower.
• Bring the imaginary flower to your nose and smell your flower, breathing in through your nose.
• Breathe out slowly through your nose and open your hand like a blooming flower.
• Reach your other hand out to pick a new flower and repeat the pose. Try doing five Flower Power breaths.

We have had great success with Flower Power and other easily accessible activities that this year we opened an online studio and resource site, The OHMazing® Way. It is geared to empower parents and teachers to learn and share health and wellness techniques for all ages. The OHMazing® Way has several “rooms” including Mindful Fitness, Wellness Wonderland, Creative Cache and Treasures for Teachers. Join us for a first month FREE!

by Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT, Founder & CEO, Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®. FMI on our programs including adult trainings, yoga in schools, award-winning and bilingual products, see our website. You can contact Beth here.

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