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Yogiños Videos

Vishnu's OHMazing® Journeys DVD Trailer BUY the DVD

In partnership with the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® will release our second DVD, Vishnu's OHMazing® Journeys, Summer 2011.


Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® DVD Trailer BUY the DVD

Featuring an off-the-yoga-mat narrative showing how youth can weave yoga into their daily lives, the film also includes a class designed for ages 7-12 with music, songs, and stories.


El Dia OHMazing® de Remy

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® Volume One DVD tells the story of Ganesha, an ancient tale about a little boy who becomes the Elephant Prince. With over 90 minutes of of activity, youth learn OHMazing® breathing, cardiovascular & relaxation exercises. DVD features full spanish translation.


Remy's OHMazing® Day from Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® DVD! Now available!

This short film from the Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® Volume One DVD explores how a young yogi weaves yoga and its 8 Limbs throughout her day.


Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®: Toco el Sol

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® classes encourage youth to salute and welcome the sun and light--both outside and in their hearts--through this bilingual song with asanas, Toco el Sol. (lyrics by Beth Reese)