FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1Keep the whole set together, or separate a grouping of poses connecting them with your second D-ring! For example, the letters in the red dots symbolize grounding poses.Another fun grouping of the poses for your second the ring is based on some or all of the sitting poses.IMG_6302Create a visual schedule of mindful movement and breathing for empowered success with your students in the classroom or your kids in the home!

OHMazing® Bilingual Yoga Cards featuring the Spanish Alphabet


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Kinesthetic Learning Tools for All Ages

Play, move, laugh, breathe, and relax with these fun, interactive cards! Use them at home, at school, and on the road to learn about yoga, languages, working together, and more.

Your OHMazing® Bilingual Yoga Cards include:

  • One card for each letter of the Spanish alphabet
  • A bonus set of partner and group yoga pose cards that promote
    communication, cooperation, and positive social interaction
  • English and Spanish instructions for each yoga
    pose as well as the benefits of the pose
  • Color-coded pose categories reflecting the primary effects
    of the yoga pose on the body and mind: Balancing,
    Grounding, Energizing, Expanding, or Relaxing
  • Instruction card with tips on the many ways that kids,
    classrooms, and families can use these OHMazing® cards

See our online studio and resource site, The OHMazing® Way, for more ways to integrate into your daily routine or use as brain-breaks and games!

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