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MOSST Inservices and Retreats for Teachers

Mindful & OHMazing® Strategies for Students and Teachers (MOSST)
MOSST is a research-based mindfulness in schools teacher, family, and student-directed learning program that increases life-skills associated with self-regulation—awareness and management of emotion and energy levels—among people with various needs, including challenges with sensory processing, attention deficit and hyperactivity, and others. Yoga in schools is more acceptable than ever with increasing research available regarding the benefits of integrating yoga in classrooms. Our evidence-based program contributes to and supports research revealing frequency over duration—10 minutes 5x week is more beneficial than 50 minutes 1x week— thus the importance of integrating these mindful life-skills into everyday experiences. MOSST includes:

  • In-services & Trainings: Engaging, interactive and playful seminars for teachers, faculty, staff, and/or parents with follow-up visits or meetings;
  • My OHMazing® Space: Create student-directed environments with our Educational Kits featuring bilingual, award-winning, interdisciplinary curricula;
  • The OHMazing® Way: The OHMazing® Way is an online resource and studio designed specifically for educators and parents to integrate wellness into everyday lives.In-services and Retreats designed for teachers and meaningful for everyone who works with kids!
  • FMI and to schedule your program: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Educators and families may also want to participate in a weekend training/retreat: Yoga in Schools:Mindfulness and Movement Across the Curriculum

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