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Corpus Christi ISD


Yogiños YES (Yoga Empowers Students) is proud to partner with Corpus Christi Independent School District.
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In the 2010-2011 academic year, test results indicate that CCISD 3rd-5th graders average between overweight and obese, and that 48% fall below the National Fitness Zone. Let’s say YES and transform this health crisis into an OHMazing® opportunity to teach youth how to make healthy choices for themselves, others and the environment!

Current brain, academic and cardiovascular research provide scientific evidence that practices related specifically to yoga and breathing techniques offer:

~ 27% increase in GABA levels (calmness, anti-anxiety);

~ Improved academic achievement through learning how to improve focus and handle stress;

~ Increased academic interest through providing integrated movement in traditionally sedentary, academic settings;

~ Interactive experiences with team-building, cooperation and tolerance.

Workshops and Programs provide training and techniques for teachers, faculty, staff and administrators of schools and organizations to integrate aerobic, strength, flexibility and rejuvenation activities into the daily lives of students and families. YES promotes the success of Coordinated School Health and fitness test programs. Customized workshops, trainings, and retreats are available for schools, museums, PTOs, after-school groups, and other organizations and businesses ready to integrate wellness in safe, healthy, engaged, supported and OHMazing® ways.

YES in your school includes:

~ Annual trainings that teach tools and techniques to teachers, faculty, staff, parents and administrators of schools and organizations to integrate safe and fun aerobic, strength, flexibility, healthy nutrition, relaxation and rejuvenation activities into the daily lives of students and families.

~ Curriculum package with Teaching Manuals, follow-up trainings, original DVDs, CDs, and interdisciplinary unit plans enable teachers to expand on increase and align physical, social, emotional, intellectual activity thereby promoting academic success;

~ Low cost, very low-maintenance equipment—just yoga mats—means financial investment is for empowering education and life-style transformations of students, faculty, staff, and families;
~ Continued Support featuring follow-up trainings/visits, curriculum updates, eNews, pre- and post-tests with program founder and CEO, Elizabeth Reese, Ph.D., RYT, RCYT, or trained staff.

“ I've long advocated yoga as a means of maintaining flexibility and muscle tone as we enter our later years. But yoga is equally valuable for children, teaching them how to care for their growing bodies and develop strength, grace and flexibility. Beth's Reese's programs are based on ancient poses that are particularly appropriate for today's children, even those who may have physical limitations. Her work has my full endorsement.”  ~ Andrew Weil, M.D.