OHMusings Blog

  • Family Time Friday: Back-to-School Bliss, Part I

    As we prepare to kick off a new, OHMazing® school year, many of us—including parents and our kids!—may be feeling mixed emotions. Some of us may be feeling nervous, anxious, excited, ready, not ready, some or all of the above! Emotions are not good or bad: they just are! And when we do not feel ...

  • Me Gusta Yogiños!

    Welcome to OHMusings: The Yogiños Blog! Here we play, laugh, pose, ponder and practice making OHMazing® choices for yourself, others and the environment! Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® is a research-based, trilingual, mindfulness and yoga program designed to empower people of all ages to make OHMazing® choices for their bodies, minds and hearts on and off the ...

  • Happy Independence Day!

    Celebrate Independence Day with this OHMazing® class from Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® instructor, Emily Aven!      

  • Together at the Table: Farmers’ Markets

    by Meredith Paterson I decided to call these Saturday posts “Together at the Table” because I wanted to use them to talk about all of the ways food factors into our lives. What we eat, how we purchase or grow our food, and how we eat it are decisions that reflect so many of our values. Over ...

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