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Welcome to YYY Nevada!
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We are delighted to offer the following classes!

Kids Yoga at Performance Athletic Club

Tuesdays at 4:30

Ages 5-10

This is a 60 minute class designed to integrate poses, breathing techniques, music, story, games, and relaxation. We practice improving strength, courage, and authenticity through practicing poses. Come play, laugh, learn, and relax at Kids Yoga.
$25.00 a month or $7.00 a class

Gym: 775-738-5090
Jayme's cell: 208-670-0347

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Your Leader:
My name is Jayme Vetz. I teach kindergarten, practice yoga, and teach a kids yoga class. I love teaching kids awareness, confidence, and strength through yoga. Teaching kids how to get in touch with themselves and heighten their awareness helps them perform better in their lives and school. Teaching kids yoga is a joy and an amazing opportunity.