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Vishnu’s Ohmazing® Journeys A Treasure

Vishnu’s Ohmazing® Journeys is the newest DVD from Yogiños Yoga for Youth and is a celebration of Indian culture. This kids yoga DVD recounts three different adventures of Vishnu, a supreme God of Hinduism and Indian mythology.

Vishnu’s Ohmazing® Journeys recounts three Hindu myths with Vishnu taking on a different role/ avatar in each one to overcome challenges and find great treasures.

The first is of Vishnu as the Tortoise, the second with Vishnu as a Boar and the third is Vishnu as the Boy Krishna.  Yogiños founder, Beth Reese does a fabulous job of intertwining yoga poses with the stories and includes clear alignment cues such as root to rise, hug the mid-line and shoulder blades on your back, thereby teaching body awareness and mindful practice of the poses.

A continual theme throughout all three stories is that of making “ohmazing®” choices and trusting in your strong foundation in order to meet and overcome life’s challenges. The links between yoga practice on the mat and application in everyday life off the mat are clear, age appropriate and useful. In addition, Yogiños stays true to their tri-lingual base intertwining English, Spanish and Sanskrit throughout the DVD and including a full Spanish version.

The Bonus Tracks extend the educational aspect of the DVD expanding knowledge about the Crow Collection of Art, a herb garden and environmental conservation through prAna’s Natural Power Initiative.

I found this DVD ideal for tweens as it is smart, educational and culturally rich. I especially appreciated the beautifully performed story of Krishna and and Kaliya told through Indian dance.


~ Donna Wolf Freeman

KIII Corpus Christi 06.03.11

June 3, 2011

About a year ago, 3 News 1st Edition introduced you to Yoginos. It's a program and DVD teaching yoga to children. The Yoginos program has been available at some local schools and a new DVD will be released this summer. 1st Edition was out and about live at a local school learning how much kids enjoy the program.

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Yoga for Kids: Q & A with Beth Reese of Yogiños

Sure, I love yoga for dudes, but imagine how many dudes (and women) would be practicing yoga if we had more yoga for kidsprograms? Elizabeth Reese of Yogiños is trying to spread yoga to kids around the country, blending language, art, and meditation.

Elizabeth talked to us about her inspiration for Yogiños, how yoga has helped her daughter, and even shares some great tips for children on the mat.

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DVD wins Best Pick for Children Award

Dr. Toy awards our DVD,The Story of Ganesha, as a 2010 Best Pick for Children.