About Beth

bethanderyoginisElizabeth “Beth” Reese, Ph.D., E-RYT, RCYT, is the founder and executive director of Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® (YYY). Through YYY Beth has authored award-winning, bilingual DVDs, CDs, and other printed and digital teaching materials, including the Online Studio & Resource site, The OHMazing® Way.  She encourages and guides others to start their own kids yoga business through the reciprocal-energy Team Membership.

Beth remains steadfast in her commitment to offer research-informed, high quality Adult Training program wherein individuals can become yoga for kids instructors or receive the 95-hour Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher credential. Additionally, YYY offers preK-12 schools in-services and special Toolkits for integrating Mindful & OHMazing® Strategies for Students and Teachers (MOSST) into existing curricula. Beth serves as a Health & Wellness Instructor in Houston Independent School District via a private foundation where she teaches 300+ elementary students at an urban elementary school.

Beth is a teacher with over 25 years of experience with preK-12 grades in art, windsurfing, skiing, and yoga. She is also a researcher and published writer, having authored numerous chapters in academic texts along with a four-year weekly newspaper column. Beth has a PhD in art museum education and has taught art history, art museum education and museum studies at the University-level.

A yoga practitioner for over 16 years, Beth is the mother of three OHMazing® yogis under the age of 16. Her oldest daughter, Jordan, is part of the inspiration for Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® as she learned to navigate challenges associated with Sensory-Integration “Disorder” through practicing yoga on and off the mat. From 2014-2015, Beth served as a Health & Wellness Instructor with the Sonima Foundation in Houston Independent School District where she taught 300+ elementary students at an urban elementary school. Beth is currently the Director of New Territory Montessori School in Sugar Land, Texas.

Beth started doing yoga when pregnant with Jordan, and continued for the physical benefits. A few years into the asana practice her teacher, Michelle Acebo, introduced “the other 7 limbs.” Beth believes that it’s the cultivation of all 8 limbs that transformed and informs her life and choices on and off the mat, along with paving the way for Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® and the concept of OHMazing®.

BethWadeMatchingShirtsWith the universe whispering to start a kids yoga program, Beth finally acquiesced. In the fall of 2008 (top image with youngest daughter, Andersen, then 18 months) she “agreed” to teach her first kids yoga class, and a year later filmed the first bilingual, award-winning DVD, The Story of Ganesh. And the universe kept whispering…

Recently married to artist and commerical real estate VP, Wade Schmitz, you can follow their adventures on Beth’s facebook page in their 1965 Globetrotter Airstream, surfing, mountain biking, working on their new-to-them slightly post-mid-century modern home, hanging out with the three kids (would you believe Jordan is now 15, Cole is 12, and Andersen is 7!?!) or just chilling with friends around their hometown of Houston.

instructor_childWith sef-proclaimed inner-geek in her system, Beth enjoys facilitating qualitative and quantitative research on her programs. With a colleague at National University in San Diego, they will run a second year of research exploring and examining implementing kids yoga in schools the MOSST way. Data from Year one revealed the intervention benefited students, teachers and families and actually pointed toward the need for The OHMazing® Way. Beth will present her research at several conferences this year, including the 2nd National Kids Yoga Conference.

Beth is over-flowing with gratitude for the many incredible people who have joined her on this path, as well as numerous yoga styles and instructors. She explores Iyengar, Hatha, Hot, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, power yoga, Jivamukti and Yin Yoga. Beth completed her RYT 200 in Anusara with Christina Sell, and an Immersion training in Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley. She has taken classes and workshops with “Richard from Texas,” Elena Brower, Giselle Mari, David Belz, Sharon Gannon, Jules Febre, John Friend, Manorama, Judith Hanson Lasater, David Life, Sarah Powers, Saul David Raye, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman and Doug Swenson.